The Largest Manufacturer of Aluminum Products, Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd

Aluminum circles are a aluminum material that is widely spread and plays a major role in our daily lives and activities. These materials are found almost everywhere, such as cookware, road signs, lump covers, among others. Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd is a professional aluminum circle manufacturers having its headquarters based in China.

The company was established in 2001 by a group of individuals in Huiguo Town. The Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd is a professional producer of the Aluminum circle in the Henan province, and the nearby provinces. The company has more than one thousand two hundred employees under its management.

It also has an R&D team with more than twenty-six specialists in charge of the entire company operations. It sits on an area of approximately two hundred and fifty thousand square meters in Huigoi Town. Following the advancements in technology, the company is introducing modern art equipment and techniques to enhance its competitiveness.

Currently, Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd has three CC processing lines, sixteen cast processing lines, three cutting machines, two slitting machines, one Direct Current processing line, twenty annealing furnaces, and one tension level machine. In addition, it has two coil casting lines, three punching machines, one horizontal and two–matched vertical slitting machines.

The Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd has been active in the manufacturing industry for more than ten years. This has made the company earn popularity and build an exceptional reputation among most of its clients worldwide.  It has advanced production equipment to ensure that it generates high-quality products.

It also has a scientific laboratory that is well-equipped for doing analysis. The laboratory has foreign advanced production equipment and testing material used to check the quality of the products. This equipment is explicitly meant to ensure that the company produces standard products.

Advantages of Aluminum Circles

Generally, the Aluminum circle has numerous manufacturers, mostly based in China and other regions worldwide. This is due to its significant advantages in our everyday lives. Do you know some of the benefits of the aluminum circle? Do not hesitate. Let’s dive in!

  • The hardness of an aluminum circle is moderate and easy to process. Typically, an aluminum alloy is a soft type of material that can be formed by simple bending. If the material has undergone a high-speed stamping, it can be produced as a finished product. This can significantly help to reduce the production cycle and the cost of production.
  • It is resistant to fire. The top and bottom surface of an aluminum disc is a pure product that has no chemical substances. This means that the product cannot be burnt or change even if the product is exposed to a temperature of six hundred degrees. Besides, there is no toxic gas that is produced when the product is exposed to high temperatures.
  • The aluminum circle portrays excellent practical features. The cooking utensils produced by this material are long-lasting and easy to clean.

Besides, the aluminum discs are produced in different grades. Let’s shed light on various grades of the aluminum circle made by the Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Aluminum Grade 1050

The aluminum alloy 1050 is the most common grade of aluminum used for general sheet metal work since it requires moderate strength. This grade of aluminum alloy is popularly known for its excellent resistance against corrosion.

It has a relatively low mechanical strength when compared to other alloyed metals. Note that this product can only be strengthened by cold working rather than heat treatment. It has excellent weldability thus good for use in welding.

The aluminum product alloy 1050 has numerous applications. It is used in the production of food containers in the food industry; it is used in the production of chemical process plant equipment. Alloy 1050 is applied in lamp reflectors, cable sheathing, pyrotechnic powder, and architectural flashings.

The alloy product 1050 produced by Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd is supplied in different forms. It comes in different forms, such as stucco sheet, plain sheet, shate, and a stucco sheet accompanied by a PVC coating on one side.

Aluminum Grade 1060

The Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd produces the aluminum alloy grade 1060. This product alloy has a relatively lower strength, although it is an original aluminum alloy. It forms an excellent welding material together with excellent formability features, and it does not rust.

Not that this product alloy cannot be hardened when subjected to fire. What is the use of aluminum grade 1060? According to researchers, this product alloy is excellent when used to produce chemical equipment and the railroad tank cars.

Besides, the machinability of the aluminum 1060 is fairly poor, especially where there are soft temper conditions. The product alloy has impeccable forming capabilities either by hot or cold working mostly when used under commercial techniques.

The aluminum 1060 can be welded under the typical commercial standards. Note that if you need a filler rod to use it together with the aluminum 1060, then it should be of the same grade. When you are using the resistant welding method, then you should remember that you will have to do trial and error experimentation to get better results.

To harden the aluminum 1060, you need to anneal it after cold working since heat cannot do it. When cold working, consider using the conventional method.

Aluminum Grade 3003

The aluminum product alloy 3003 has about 1.25% Manganese and 0.1% portion of copper. This increases this alloy’s strength by about 20% more than the one thousand series aluminum grades.

This aluminum alloy is the most commonly used compared to others. It has exceptional characteristics of an alloy and has additional strength when compared to others. Contrary, it is a medium strength product alloy that is only hardened by cold working, and it cannot be treated with heat.

Besides, it has excellent weldability and formability features.  It is also resistant to corrosion. This product alloy has numerous applications since it is the most commonly used.  It is used in sheet metal work that requires additional strength.

It is also used in profiled building sheets, whereby it is used in roofing and siding. Besides, it is applied in insulation panels and in the manufacture of food and chemical handling equipment. When it comes to hardening, the product alloy 3003 cannot be treated by fire.

To make it hard, cold rolling is the only option. Also, keep in mind the alloy 0303 does not have a stabilization treatment like other product alloys. How is the aluminum product alloy 3003 hardened?

It is annealed by heat under high temperatures until it acquires a uniform heat temperature and finally cools. Not that the cooling rate is not important, meaning you are responsible for choosing your cooling rate.

The aluminum product alloy 3003 is also referred to as a treadplate. This is whereby the product alloy 3003 is applied in decorative architectural applications following its bright reflective finish. It is produced in the form of a bar or a propeller.  The product alloy 3003 is currently available on indent.

Melting and Holding Furnace

The pure aluminum ingots are entirely melted and alloyed together with other elements by a master alloy such as magnesium, silicon, and Manganese.  The whole materials are analyzed and adjusted to ensure that the required composition has been attained.

They are then degassed, filtered, and transferred to the casting blocks, forming aluminum slabs. The slab ends are then sawn and scalped on both ends by the slab sawn.

Holding the Rolling Masta 1+2 stands Tandem Mill.

The scalped slab is then taken to the preheating furnace, where it undergoes preheating. This stage also prepares the scalped slab for the hot rolling process. Note that the heated slab is rolled back and forward a couple of times through the hot reserving mill to attain a certain thickness level.

The finished product in this stage is hot rolled coils and plate materials.  Remember that this is the second stage of processing and still ongoing.

The Cold Rolling Davy Machine

The hot-rolled coils are then taken to the cold rolling machine, where the product is divided according to the required thickness. In this stage, the hot-rolled coils are treated in the annealing furnace to acquire a certain strength level.

The cold rolling machine has an automatic gauge control and an automated flatness control that can produce the stipulated quality standards that are recommended across the globe.

The Punch to Circle Machine

This is where the conveyor passes the aluminum strip’s cold-rolled quality to the punching machine with different molds that aid in producing various kinds.  The aluminum strip is punched in different diameters depending on consumers’ needs, with thickness sizes ranging from 0.3 mm to 6 millimeters.

The Annealing Furnace

The aluminum is taken to the annealing furnace using a powerful means of heat treatment to attain a specific temperature level. This also helps to ensure that the mechanical properties required by the consumers are reached.

Note that this is the final stage that produces aluminum discs. The products are now ready for selling and being used in the production of other equipment.  The discs are used in the production of medical tubes, capacitors, beverage cans, and kitchenware.

After the machine is done with cutting and annealing, the scraps that remain from the sheet are recycled back into the process from the beginning. The discs that are cut are then packaged and sold to different companies across the globe where they manufacture other products.

Most aluminum circles users tend to purchase the aluminum sheet and perform the blank process by themselves. This sounds to be cost-effective, although it requires an additional material handling to handle the scrap material.

In any factory, the scrap must be shaped, thus returning to the production process as raw material.  The cost of maintaining the machine and space requires an additional cost, thus increasing the cost of the production process.  To be on the safe side, you should consider this factor before deciding to purchase the discs or carry out the process yourself.

On most occasions, the aluminum circle is produced with presses in different sizes. Products such as capacitors use small circles, while things such as kitchenware use larger aluminum circles. Note that the aluminum circle’s size and thickness are matched according to the thickness of the final product.

Aluminum is quite malleable; this makes it easy to deform it into the final desired product.  Aluminum does not rust compared to steel; however, it is oxidized and coated to prevent such incidents.  In other circumstances, the aluminum oxide is most desirable since the capacitors act like thin electrical insulators.

In most cases, the aluminum circle is mostly used in its original circular shape in making key tags. Instead of the circular shape being drawn, it is engraved, or the letters are slumped in it. This makes the work easier and retaining the original shape of the material.

The large thick discs are used in the production of other products. However, they are cut using a machine that is numerically controlled by the computer.  Also, they might be forged into various shapes such as gears and supports. Generally, the aluminum circle has numerous uses that make it a highly competitive product.

Where does the Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd sell its products? Due to the quality of the company’s products, Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd has numerous loyal clients from different parts of the world.  The company sells most of its products in the Southern part of America, the Southeastern part of Asia, the Middle East, and different parts of Africa.

Final Thought

The Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd is one of the largest producers of aluminum products in the whole world. The company has established an impeccable reputation among its customers and thrives on delivering its clients’ best services. The company is also on the run to ensure that it is on the front line of technology innovations to produce quality products.