Henan Huawei Aluminum Circle Solution

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co is a leading supplier and manufacturer of the aluminium circle. Our company Henan Huawei Aluminum is working on manufacturing the best quality aluminium circle all around the world. Situated in China’s heart, Hunan Huawei has made a prominent place in the aluminium market of China. We gave a surety of our product’s durability and highest functionality. We are professional in our work.

Henan Huawei provides a wide range of sizes of the circle. Our aluminium circles are used for both industrial and commercial material. Its unique properties make everyone’s favourite. As we provide different sizes of circles, we almost meet all the requirements of our customers. While offering aluminium material for other industries like heat preservation and resistance, automobile, military appliance, printing, mold, aerospace, and construction industries, we grab different customers.

Its unique properties make it possible to use the aluminium circle in a variety of ranges. Our company team provides 24/7 service that makes sure to meet all requirements and queries of customers. We have the fastest and on-time delivery services. If you want to get the best aluminium circles at a very affordable cost, you can reach us immediately.

The production process of Aluminum Circle

Product Name Aluminum Circle
Main Alloy 1050, 1060, 3003 etc.
Diameter 20mm – 1520mm
Thickness 0.2mm – 10mm
Cookware Aluminium pot for cooking, aluminium pan for baking
Lighting Lampshade
Signboard Traffic signs


The production process of Aluminum Circle

Used material

  • Master Alloys
  • Melting Furnace
  • Holding Furnace
  • C. Caster
  • Slab
  • Scalper
  • Hot Rolling Mill
  • Cold Rolling Mill
  • Punching
  • Annealing Furnace
  • Final Inspection
  • Packing
  • Delivery

Production steps

· Melting and Holding Furnace

At the first stage, we melt and compound pure aluminium lumps with other elements using master alloys such as iron, silicon, manganese and magnesium. To make the aluminium slab, we examine and maintain the material to obtain the correct alloy. After it, we vent, filters and transfer molding blocks. Using the slab saw, we saw and scalp both sides of the slab end.

· Farming around compact mass Mesta 1+2 stands Tandem Mill.

In this step, we will put the scalped slab in the heating furnace to preheat, regulate, and prepare for the hot rolling process. After it, we will heat the heated slab several times through a hot racing mill to get a particular thickness before rolling in a 1 + 2 stand tandem mill. The finished products are further processed hot-rolled coil and plate material.

· Cold Rolling Davy Machine

We will further process the hot-rolled coils in the Cold Rolling Machine to get the thickness that our client needs. We will put it into the annealing furnaces to obtain the requested temper and strength. Our Cold Rolling Mill machine has Automatic Gauge Control and a direct Flatness Control system to give the required acceptance to meet the strictest global standards.

· Hit to Circle

Now we will send the aluminium strip’s hot or cold rolled quality using the transporter to the punch machine. This punching machine will punch heads with various molds to form different diameter discs according to the customer’s requirement.

· Hardening Furnace

In the final step, we will put the Aluminum foil in the Annealing Furnace by heat treatment to get a particular temperament and mechanical characteristics according to the client’s requirements.

Automotive processing of aluminium circle

The word aluminium disc or aluminium disc circle is also used to describe the aluminium circle. This material is entirely helpful to prepare a wide range of products, electronics, cooking pan and pots, educational instruments, automobiles, signboards, lighting, medicine, chemical, and various other relative industries. The usual thickness of our aluminium circle is between 0.2 to 10mm. The diameter range is 20 to 1520mm.

Our company has a product range that allows automatic processing. The processed aluminium circle can be coiled easily on an aluminium coil. Our circle doesn’t require any slitting or shearing. We make metal aluminium alloy circle tensile for the kitchen. This tensile includes various items, including cookers, tea trail, cooking and baking pans, non-stick pots, dishwashing sink, and other related things.

We provide almost all the required sizes, diameters, and thicknesses. The package specification is left according to the choice of the customer. Our product is highly ductile and has resistance against corrosion. There is a free of cost sample for wholesale. We have certified aluminium circle companies that have a specific place in the aluminium market of China. Our product has a smooth surface and no contamination of other impure metals. It has resistance to absorb fluid or water.

Features of Aluminum Circle

  • Our aluminium circle is available on different choices of circles’ size.
  • We will provide you with a high-quality surface for lighting reflectors.
  • You will get first-rate hydraulic profound drawing and spinning quality.
  • Our products feature substantial gauge circles with thicknesses of more than 5mm.
  • They will have more than 1200mm in diameter. Hence, you will get them according to your needs.
  • We are offering Anodizing quality and hydraulic profound drawing quality that is also best for cookware.
  • Furthermore, we are giving well-protected packing while using round aluminum sheet.
  • Our aluminium circle has a bright surface and is easily customizable. It is clean and smooth. You will not find any holes, cuts, scrapes, oxidation, oil stain, dent, enclosure, scratches, stain, oxide discolouration, breaks, erosion, roll marks, dirt strips or other flaws that may disturb you while using.
  • It has edge cutting and edge- neat without any burrs.
  • We will provide you with precise measurement, compact construction, rust resistance and hard-wearing.
  • Moreover, we are also continuously focusing on further quality improvements. Our next aim is to maintain this winning trust of our internal and external customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Aluminum Circle

Henan Huawei Aluminum is offering high-quality pure aluminium or alloy. Some of its top-quality advantages are here;

  • Surface Finish:Our product has a bright and flat surface. There are no flow lines. However, you will see it somewhat greased to avoid white oxidizing. It does not have any fracture part, spoiled, or oil sludge.
  • Quality of Material:Our product is entirely free from flaws such as white oxidation, oil patches, roll marks, edge damage, bend, dents, dumps, break lines, scratches and coil set.
  • Cost-effective:Our aluminium circle has a competitive price and is easily affordable compared to our competitor’s industry. Our low price does not compromise on quality. The aluminium circle’s quality is parallel with ISO 9001 quality management system.
  • Well-protected packing: Henan Huawei Aluminum will deliver its products in well-protected packing to save them from any damage during the delivery process. We will cover it with brown paper and plastic film. After it, we will pack it with a wooden case and then send it on the delivery track.

Uses of aluminium circle

The aluminium circle is beneficial due to its strong quality and amazing surface. Its circle size has a broader range. Aluminium discs are also famous due to their reflection quality for light, deep and clear drawing, and quality of spinning—furthermore, Aluminum discs available in different thickness layers according to the user’s need.

· Use of aluminium circle in kitchenware

Due to aluminium’s best quality, it is best for making households, especially kitchen items. The aluminium circles with a diameter and thickness of 3xxx and 1xxx are very famous for constructing kitchen equipment. This equipment includes different kinds of pans like a saucepan, non-stick pots, pizza pan, pressure cooker, and much more utensils. Aluminium is considered the best metal that can be adjusted according to the lower and higher heat requirements. The use of aluminium metal is widespread in our surroundings.

In this modern and fast going century, the household elements and material used to make these elements have also been evolved. Now fashion has been changed. New trends force new aesthetics, protection, and materials that need a low range of energy. Everyone is trying to make and develop eco-friendly products.

Aluminium circles or discs can fulfil the needs of this era due to their advantageous properties. If the cooking area panel is of aluminium metal, it will increase the sustainability of the cooking panel and looks fashionable. This pure metal can promote the oxide film’s thickness. This property of aluminium can be obtained after some specific treatment. The improved thickness also enables the panel to resist challenging weather.

The colour that appears after this treatment is also wonderful and attractive. Aluminium is a stable element and does not react easily to other chemical compounds. Its stability improves its working capability. Aluminium circles are produced after the special processing of aluminium. The aluminium processing can be on one side or both sides of the circle. This coating of aluminium metal prevents the circle from scratches and damage.

The aluminium alloy on the aluminium circle gives it a fine finishing and makes the circle’s surface smoother and shinier. With time use of aluminium, discs have been increasing due to their unique properties. It is not only used in kitchenware. Other vast ranges of industries have swiped to aluminium from other metals. The aluminium circle is working almost in all fields of life.

This metal has a significant role in promoting the growth and yield of many industries. Three types of metals widely help to make the kitchen tensile. These metals are aluminium, iron, and steel. The iron has one main negative feature that it can’t resist the water and rust—rusting reduces iron’s durability. Steel does not matter due to its unaffordable price.

The aluminium circle is one of the cheap but pure metals that meet approximately all requirements of kitchen items. It also has a vital role in the development of a state’s economy. People demand more quality of the daily use products. To fulfil these demands, the alloying material is also evolving continuously.

  • Aluminium circle in lightning, traffic signs, signboard

Aluminium circles are widely used for signboards, traffic signs, and electronic products. You can also use our product for different outside purposes in various forms such as traffic signs and more. It is hardy to erosion and is a cheap way to reflect light. Moreover, it also ensures that everything is safe and persists without shifting due to the damage. Our aluminium circle is widely used in the lighting industry.

It is most helpful to create a lampshade and lamp cover. You can use the excellent and sturdy structure aluminium circle and painted aluminium of Henan Huawei for lower lighting, high bay industrial lighting, quiet bay industrial lighting, traffic light indicators, sports lighting etc. Its further uses include toothpaste case, medical tubes, spray bottle, cosmetic case and glue tube case, decorating and many more.

The uniqueness of Henan Huawei Aluminum

We are well-reputed among our clients to provide high quality and unbeatable prices. The primary purpose of our industry is to manufacture the best quality aluminium circles with high durability. The aluminium circles produced by our company are constructed according to the standards of the international market. We meet all the challenges of product sustainability, durability, and quality.

We hire the best team highly specialized in their field. Our team includes the company owner, manager, project planner, finance department, and workers. All these members work on the project together with high collaboration and get the best yield. Our researchers and technologists continuously work hard to invent better quality content and engaging design.

Our hot market areas are Africa, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia etc. However, we are also providing our services online. You can just hit us and leave your query; we will take the next step to deliver our product to your door within a short time.