What is the production method of aluminum circle?


1. Blank cutting (cut into squares)

2. Unloading (flush into the required disc).

If it is a roll, add a relaxation in front. Processed silicon circle automatic unloading production line. The main components of the aluminum foil uncoiling and blanking production line are: loading trolley, uncoiling machine, straightening machine, feeder, swing device, closed single-point mechanical press, die changer, palletizing device, waste cutting, hydraulic system, Electrical control system, etc.

Technical characteristics of the production line:

  1. Full digital control. The production line unfolds from the coil until the entire roll of material is completely suppressed. No need to manually touch the material and adjust. This fundamentally eliminates the hidden production safety hazards and product quality risks of ordinary punches.
  2. The production line can directly use the roll material for aluminum circle production without slitting and cross-cutting the roll material, which reduces the production process, reduces production costs, and reduces the possibility of surface damage to the roll material. The disc is free of oil and scratches.
  3. The production line makes full use of the width of the coil and uses a high-precision servo motor drive system to control the circle spacing and the distance from the circle to the edge of the material within a small range. The amount of waste was fundamentally reduced, and the raw material utilization rate reached 80%. % As mentioned above.
  4. Due to the modular mold design, the conversion time can be shortened to less than 15 minutes when converting circle production specifications. The diameter of the aluminum circles that can be produced is between 85 mm and 750 mm.
  5. Advanced unwinding system, six-level leveling machine, high rigidity mechanical press, automatic palletizing system, etc., ensure the high quality of aluminum circles products.

Technical parameters of the production line:

  • Roll width (mm): 500-1250, 800-1400, 1000-1600
  • Coil thickness (mm): 0.4-3.0, 1.0-6.0
  • Roll weight (kg): 8000, 10000
  • Cutting diameter (mm): 85-660, 85-750, 100-900
  • Blanking times (spm): 40-55
  • Nominal pressure of the press (kN): 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500.