Aluminum circle for lamp cove

Aluminium Circle Disc For Lamp Cove

Aluminum circle for lamp cove

Lamp Shade Aluminum Circles are specially processed aluminum discs used in the production of lampshades or shades. Aluminum lampshades are usually made of high-quality aluminum alloys, such as 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5005, 5052, 6061 and other alloys. Aluminum discs have excellent formability and corrosion resistance. Aluminum circles are precisely cut and shaped to make lampshades of various specifications.

Aluminium Circle Disc For Lamp Cove
Aluminium Circle Disc For Lamp Cove

Aluminium circle disc for lamp cove alloy specification

Alloy Composition Properties
1050 Aluminum (min 99.5%) Excellent formability, high corrosion resistance, suitable for deep drawing
1060 Aluminum (min 99.6%) Good electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, easy to weld
1070 Aluminum (min 99.7%) High conductivity, suitable for chemical and food processing equipment, good corrosion resistance
1100 Aluminum (min 99.0%) Excellent corrosion resistance, good workability, suitable for low-strength applications
3003 Aluminum (min 98.6%), Manganese (1.0-1.5%) Moderate strength, good formability, excellent corrosion resistance

Aluminum circle disc for lamp cove advantages  

The application of aluminum discs in lampshade manufacturing benefits from its unique physical and chemical properties. Here are some advantages of using aluminum discs as lampshades:

Lightweight and high strength: The low density of aluminum material makes the lampshade made of aluminum discs light in weight and easy to install and maintain.

Good reflectivity: Aluminum has high reflectivity and is suitable for use inside lampshades, which can effectively reflect light and improve lighting efficiency.

Excellent processability: Aluminum discs can be made into the required shape and size through various processing techniques such as stamping, stretching, cutting, etc., and have strong adaptability.

Good thermal conductivity: Aluminum has good thermal conductivity, which helps the lampshade dissipate heat and prolongs the service life of the lamp.

Corrosion resistance: A dense oxide film naturally forms on the surface of the aluminum disc, which has good corrosion resistance and is suitable for use in various environments.

Economical: Compared with other metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum materials have lower costs and obvious economic benefits.

Diversified surface treatments: Aluminum discs can be subjected to various surface treatments such as anodizing, spraying, and electroplating to improve their decorative and protective properties.

These advantages of aluminum discs make them an ideal material for lampshade manufacturing, which not only improves the performance and aesthetics of lamps, but also meets the environmental protection and economical requirements of modern lighting for materials.