aluminum circle 1050

1050 alloy aluminium disc circle

1050 aluminum alloy is industrial pure aluminum with high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, but its strength is low, heat treatment cannot be strengthened, and the workability is not good; gas welding, hydrogen atom welding and contact welding are not easy to braze; Withstand all kinds of pressure processing, stretching and bending.

Our 1050 aluminum circle: There are many options for the size of the circle. Excellent surface quality of the lighting reflector. Excellent deep drawing and spinning quality. We provide large-size circles with a thickness of 5 mm and a diameter of 1200 mm, which can meet all your needs. Our 1050 aluminum round thickness: 0.3mm-10mm, tempering: O, H12, H14, H16, H18. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of aluminum circle and aluminum plate with 18 years of experience, we have excellent aluminum circle price and quality. Free samples and customization are acceptable. Our aluminum circle and aluminum plate production and delivery time are guaranteed


Equivalent name

Aluminium alloy 1050 also corresponds to the following designations:

a1050, astm 1050, aa1050, 1050a, aa1050a, S1B, A91050, a1050p

Temper: O ( HO ), H12, H14 etc

Surface Treatment

Color painted etc


  • Bright surface, no scratch
  • Deep drawing
  • Wide range of selection on circles’ size
  • Excellent Surface Quality for lighting reflectors


Aluminum circles are used in electrical appliances, heat preservation, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, aerospace, military, molds, construction, printing and other industries, such as kitchen supplies, such as titanium, pressure cookers and hardware, such as chimneys, water heaters, etc., currently mainly used for capacitors Shell, aluminum pot, aluminum can/aluminum bottle, aluminum bowl, rice cooker, road sign, aluminum drum, aluminum lampshade, electric kettle, etc.

1050 alloy aluminum circles are mainly used for kitchen, traffic sign, whistling kettle etc

Kitchen cookware: pot, pan, non-stick cooker etc

Export countries and regions

Export all over the world: Ghana etc

About us

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd. is the leader of many aluminum manufactures and suppliers in China. We strictly control the quality and focus on customers. We hope to have in-depth cooperation with you and provide you with high quality aluminum material products custom OEM services. If you want to get the newest and best prices by per kg or per ton standard weight, please contact us.

aluminum circle production line

Product process

  1. Prepare the master alloys
  2. Melting furnace :put the alloys into the melting furnance
  3. D.C.cast aluminum ingot:To made the mother ingot
  4. Mill the aluminum ingot:to make the surface and side smooth
  5. Heating furnnace
  6. Hot rolling mill:made the mother coil
  7. Colding rolling mill:the mother coil was rolled as the thickness you want to buy
  8. Punching process:become the size what you want
  9. Annealing furnace:change the temper
  10. Final inspection
  11. Packing:wooden case or wooden pallet
  12. Delivery

aluminum circle manufacturers


Aluminum circles can be packed in export standard, covering with brown paper and plastic film. Finally the Aluminium Round is fixed on wooden pallet/wooden case.

aluminum circle packagingaluminum circle packing