12 inch aluminum alloy circle

12 inch aluminium metal circle

12 inch aluminium metal circle 

12 inch aluminum metal circle is a raw material used to make aluminum products, usually used to make pots, lamps, decorations and other products. 12 inch aluminum metal circle disc has the advantages of corrosion resistance, light weight and easy processing.

12 inch aluminium metal circle
12 inch aluminium metal circle

12 inch aluminium circle thickness

12-inch aluminum metal circle usually refers to a circular aluminum sheet with a diameter of 12 inches and a length of approximately 305mm. 12 inch aluminum metal circle round shapes can be cut from aluminum sheets or plates and are commonly used in various applications such as cookware, signage and more.

12 inch aluminum circle
12 inch aluminum circle

12 inch aluminum metal circle application

What are the applications of aluminum circles? 12-inch aluminum discs have a wide range of applications, and their applications vary depending on characteristics such as thickness, alloy type, and surface treatment. Here are some possible application scenarios:

12 inch aluminum circle for kitchenware

Aluminum discs are widely used in the field of kitchenware due to their low density and light weight. 12-inch aluminum discs may be used to make the bottom or sides of frying pans, baking sheets, and other kitchen utensils, providing even heat conduction and a durable surface.

Aluminum circles are used for signboards:

On the road, we often see various circular signboards, such as no parking signs, speedometer or speed limit signs, etc. These signs are usually made from aluminum discs, including 12-inch aluminum discs. They are processed such as back rib reinforcement to ensure their durability and clarity.

12inch aluminum disc is used in electronic backplanes:

Aluminum discs also have important applications in the field of electronic backplanes. For example, the backplane of a monitor or the base plate inside the backplane of a television may be copper-clad using aluminum wafers. 12-inch aluminum discs may be used to make the base plates of these electronic devices, providing stable support and conductive properties.

Industrial Applications: In industrial settings, aluminum rounds can be used for manufacturing purposes, such as creating custom parts, assemblies, or machined products that require round shapes.

Other industrial uses: Aluminum discs can also be used to make electronic equipment such as fuses, capacitors, anti-static devices, contact motors, as well as mechanical parts, insulation materials and cooler devices.

12 inch aluminum circle alloy specification

Among the 1000-8000 series alloys, there are various specifications of alloys that can be processed into factory aluminum discs. The common ones are 1000 series aluminum circle: 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100; 3000 series aluminum circle: 3003, 3004; 5000 series aluminum circle: 5005, 5052, 5083; 6000 series aluminum circle: 6061;
Commonly used alloy specifications
Alloy Type**: Alloy selection depends on the specific requirements of the application. Common aluminum alloys used for circles include:
1050: Commercially pure aluminum alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity. It is typically used in general applications requiring high formability.

3003: An aluminum-manganese alloy with good formability and medium strength. It has higher corrosion resistance than AA1050 and is suitable for a variety of applications including cookware and signage.

5052: A high-strength alloy with excellent corrosion resistance, especially in marine environments. It is commonly used in applications requiring higher mechanical properties.