Things You Must Know About Aluminum Disks/Discs/Circles

When it comes to buying aluminium disks, there are many variables involved; From researching aluminium disk makes, models, and brands, to choosing a vendor for service, supply, and post-sales services. When considering the purchase of aluminium disks, you will want to take the time to do your homework and invest sufficient diligence into the process. This guide will provide you with all the information you are looking for, if you want to know what different types of discs are available, their wide range of uses, and their specifications.

 aluminum circle
aluminum circle

About us

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd., mainly engages in the export trade of aluminum disks, aluminum plates, coils, strips, belts, foils and other non-ferrous metal products. We have established long-term business agreement with shipments to over 80 countries. As one of the leading aluminum disk manufacturers and suppliers, we constantly strive to provide the highest quality of aluminum products. Therefore, we only establish relationships with the best aluminum raw material supplier to uphold the international quality parameters in ASTM and ISO certifications. We have goals to protect people, products, and brands throughout the whole supply chain. Meanwhile, we will try our utmost to meet your business needs but even if we can’t, we will leverage our network and our resources to make sure you get what need to go. Please remember that we understand what’s important to you, we will be with you every step of the way.

What is aluminum disk?

Aluminum Discs, are the deep-processing products of the most used Aluminum alloy plate and strip.

What is our production line of aluminum discs?

The main components of the aluminum disc unwinding and blanking production line are: loading trolley, uncoiler, leveler, feeder, swing unit, special closed single-point mechanical press, rapid die change device, palletizing unit, scrap shear cutting, hydraulic system, electrical control system,etc.

What benefits does aluminum disc offer?

  • Lightweight texture
  • Strong anti-corrosive performance
  • Excellent conductive performance
  • High elongation and ductility performance
  • Water and oil proofing property
  • Environmentally friendly property
  • Highly recyclable property

What can aluminum circle be utilized in?

About half of the world’s cookwares are made of aluminum, whose heat efficiency is three times that of stainless steel’s and cast iron’s and can even reach 93%. Not to mention about its excellent corrosion resistance property.

  • Widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, culture, education, and auto parts.
  • Electrical appliances, heat preservation, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, aerospace, military, molds, construction, printing and other industries.
  • Kitchen utensils such as non-stick pan, pressure cooker, baking pan, pot/pan lid, etc.
  • Hardware products such as lampshade, water heater shell, etc.

What can you expect on average from us?

Alloy: 1050, 1100 1060, 3003,8011, 2164, etc. Hardness: F, O, H12, H14, H16, H18,H22,H24

Thickness: 0.5mm – 10mm

Diameter: 100mm -1500mm

Surface: Mill finished

Usage: Suitable for making pots, pans, pizza trays, pie pans, cake pans, covers, kettles, basins, fryers, light reflectors, lamp cover, road sign, to name a few.

aluminum disc spectral analysis report
aluminum disc spectral analysis report

Other considerations that you might have:

Here comes a question, what if you need to order aluminum disks, made with other grades of aluminum alloy. The answer is that we have always put our customers and their requests first. We also welcome you to customize your own specs of aluminum disks. so please feel free to contact us, we will guarantee you the best shopping experience.

What types of aluminum circles that we can provide ?

Huawei Aluminum can offer two different kinds of aluminium circles

DC Aluminium Disk, hot-rolled kind

CC Aluminium Disk, cast-rolled kind

Difference between DC and CC aluminium circle

Cast-rolled aluminum discs show good performance in hardness but do poor in elongation, when compared to the hot-rolled kind. They can also be used for deep drawing technique but only are limited to a moderate and reasonable drawing force level. Besides, they definately can be used for any forms of spinning operations. 

Hot-rolled aluminum discs have a stronger elongation and ductility performance and can be applied to subsequent process of spinning, deep drawing, anodizing and so on.

Tips that might help you:

For making deep drawing cookware, we suggest to use DC aluminum disk.

For producing ordinary cooking utensils, the CC aluminum disk tends to be more suitable, and the price of CC aluminum disk is lower than that of DC aluminum disk.

Our ongoing pursuit for excellent aluminum circles:

We have done our utmost to produce the best aluminium disks both to be able to protect you and your business and to make it more convenient for you to do the follow-up operations of spinning, anodizing, deep drawing and so on. If you need to purchase aluminum disks, please contact us, we will arrange you a specialist to help.

What is the right order process of aluminium disc?

right order process of aluminium disc
right order process of aluminium disc

 What service can we be privileged to provide for you? 

We can provide you some free samples for test, but the delivery charge needs to be paid by our customers. We are here to provide any customized samples that you might need. Based on our professional design team and our highly trained mold engineers, we can certainly meet all manner of your business needs.

In addition, after receiving your drawings and mold charge, we will set out to make the samples for you within 7-15 working days.

We have perfect incentives for our top 3 outstanding dealers in sales, such as we can pay for their travel to China, all of the related costs from that shall be well covered by our part.

We can also help our customers design their market development strategies and if you need, we are willing to share our mature market development model with you.

What post-sales service can we offer?

First, we would like to emphasize again that we will always put our customers and their needs first, so you won’t be alone. Our professional post-sales service personnel will always be here for you. They are ready to receive any of your feedback and to meet your needs in every minute of the day.

Secondly, when our customers receive their goods, and the products sent to your company have some quality problems but have as well been verified by our part, our solution is as follows:

  • a.Directly sell them at the local price of aluminum scrap, and then compensate customers the difference.
  • b.If the product in question is shipped back to us, we will immediately arrange the new qualified products for you. The inland freight incurred during the process, and the sea freight for return and re-shipment shall be borne by us.

What is our minimum order quantity?

The single specification MOQ for aluminum disks is generally about one ton. But if you order more than one full container of the aluminum disks, on the basis of the same thickness, you are allowed to match different specifications according to your own needs. For DC aluminum disks, the MOQ of the single specification with different thickness should be 6 tons.

Quantity tolerance

The quantity tolerance is generally controlled within 10% of the total quantity.

About Payment

Trade terms: FOB CIF CFR

Payment terms: T/T or L/C

About Packing & Delivery

 aluminum circle packing
aluminum circle packing