Should I Choose Cold Rolled Aluminum Discs/Circles or Hot Rolled Ones?

Through the lens of processing techniques, aluminum disks/discs, which can also be called aluminum circles can be classified in two categories: one is hot rolled aluminum circle, the other is cold rolled one. Besides, the raw material of aluminum disc is aluminum plate. Therefore, when it comes to aluminum disks’ processing techniques, we should not allow ourselves to either ignore or forget aluminum plates’ processing techniques. 

Hot Rolled Aluminum Discs Circles
Hot Rolled Aluminum Discs Circles

In the aluminum plate industry, aluminum plates are classified in many categories. According to different production processes, aluminum plates can be classified into cold rolled aluminum plates and hot rolled aluminum plates.

Production Process of Cold Rolled Aluminum Discs

Initially, we will take some measures to smelt the aluminum ingots into their liquid form. The liquid form then will undergo processes of degassing, impurity removal, etc. After that, we will utilize the diversion groove to guide the flow into the casting rolling mill to be able to form it to a seven or eight millimeters’ thick aluminum coil billet, which will eventually be rolled to the required aluminum discs’ thickness.

Ultimately, we will employ a stamping machine to stamp the aluminum coil with required thickness into the aluminum discs our customers need.

Cold Rolled Aluminum Discs
Cold Rolled Aluminum Discs

Pros of Cold Rolled Aluminum Discs/Circles

  • Gain good performance in hardness 

Cons of Cold Rolled Aluminum Discs

  • Cost-effective

Features of Cold Rolled Aluminum Discs

  • Totally applicable for the follow-up spinning process
  • Also applicable for the drawing process but it should be a more moderate or reasonable force level

Featured Products of Cold Rolled Aluminum Disks

  • Shallow pot; pot lid; lamp shade, etc.
Featured Products of Cold Rolled Aluminum Disks
Featured Products of Cold Rolled Aluminum Disc

Purchasing CC Aluminum Discs/Circles

If your budget does not allow for the purchasing of the hot rolled aluminum disks, or if you are on the fence about the expense, purchasing the CC aluminum disks may be a better option for your business.

Production Process of Hot Rolled Aluminum Disc Circles

By the same token, the aluminum ingot should be heated to a very high temperature to be smelted to its liquid form. Later, the liquid form will be further processed into the large slab ingot. And this large slab ingot will start to engage in both the hot rough rolling process and the hot finishing rolling process.

On the heels of the hot finishing rolling process, we will get a five millimeters’ thick aluminum coil material and be prepared to exert the casting rolling mill to roll it to the required aluminum circles’ thickness. Eventually, we will employ a stamping machine to stamp the aluminum coil with required thickness into the aluminum discs our customers may need.

Pros of Hot Rolled Aluminum Discs

  • Stronger elongation and ductility performance 
  •  Does better in hardness 
  • Can be applied to deep drawing & spinning techniques
  • Suitable for hard anodizing

Cons of Hot Rolled AluminumCircle Discs

  • Expensive

Featured Products of Hot Rolled Aluminum Disks

Deep pot; Rice cooker liner; Pressure cooker liner; Non-stick Pan, etc.

Featured Products of Hot Rolled Aluminum Disks
Featured Products of Hot Rolled Aluminum Disks

Purchasing DC Aluminum Disc/Circles

If you are about to make premium extra deep pots, DC aluminum circles might be the top option. Trust me it will never fail you.

Of course… all good things come with their own setbacks…

The price per ton of the hot-rolled aluminum circles, for instance is 1500-1600rmb more expensive than that of the cast-rolled kind.

The DC aluminum disk is a significant and costly asset. Depending on your company’s budget, it may not even be an option for your production line of the not very deep pots products. If you are going to make shallow pots or not extra deep pots, I consider it more appropriate for you to buy the CC aluminum discs, in that case you may achieve the best interests for your manufacturing plants.

Conclusion Of  Choose Cold Rolled Aluminum Discs or Hot Rolled Ones

Don’t know whether to purchase the CC or DC aluminum discs? It would be a good idea to find a specialist. Through her/his professional assistance and analysis, you will definitely know which kind to choose. 

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