Defeat Aqueous Corrosion Achieve Maximum Profit

We once had a client from South America come to us for aluminum discs/circles, he shared with us that he had quite an unpleasant shopping experience with his previous supplier. “There was a large scale of black brown patches, as I unpacked the goods,” he added. Ultimately, he chose to terminate the cooperation with them permanently. I bet this is absolutely not something we would like to see. And to avoid this kind of experience, I consider it greatly crucial for us to invest sufficient diligence into this phenomenon’s researching. In today’s article we will reveal the answers to this issue and provide expert advice to shun from it.

GeneratingAqueous Corrosion on Aluminum Discs
GeneratingAqueous Corrosion on Aluminum Discs

First and foremost, we often call this phenomenon an aqueous corrosion of the aluminum discs. There are several factors closely contributing to it, mainly due to liquid water coming to aluminum discs’ contact.

Causes for GeneratingAqueous Corrosion on Aluminum Discs

1. After the annealing process, the surface temperature of the aluminum disks tends to be extremely high. Normally, workers will wait for them to thoroughly cool down before virtually setting out to package them. At this moment, though aluminum disks’ surfaces have already gotten to the room-temperature to the touch, their core still doesn’t get cooled down completely and has some residual heat left inside. Then when workers begin to package these aluminum disks under such circumstance. It is definitely not difficult for water vapor to sneak in, which will help generate the aqueous corrosion on aluminum circles without doubt.

2. During the whole shipping process, their packaging gets damaged for some reason. And this as well creates condition for all forms of water to enter in.

3. When the customer is trying to transport the aluminum disks from the destination port to their own manufacturing plants, it rained and they got rain water soaked in.

4. After safely transporting the goods back to their own factories, clients haven’t stored them up in a complete cool and dry place in time, which has incurred the exposure of aluminum disks to dampness and humidity.

 Causes for GeneratingAqueous Corrosion on Aluminum Discs

Causes for GeneratingAqueous Corrosion on Aluminum Discs

Ways to Effectively Minimize Aqueous Corrosion

Aqueous corrosion is the loathsome enemy of productivity. While there are many ways to combat this particular evil.

a. It is absolutely very critical for you to be able to find a trustworthy supplier and manufacturer to conduct the highest standard packaging method of aluminum disks for you.

b. For clients’ part, occupying a relatively rigorous precaution measure matters tremendously too. By adequately implementing this measure on your way of transporting the goods to the manufacturing plants, I believe the weather issue will no longer be an obstacle in the way for them.

c. When it comes to the clients’ storage condition, it is gravely vital for them to find a both dry and well-ventilated environment to ensure a fairly safe ambient condition for the aluminum discs.

d. At last, it is regarded as one of the most practical ways for the clients to just jump into action and unpack the packages to try to use the aluminum discs as quickly as possible. But here comes a question, “ how am I supposed to use them all at once? ” Don’t worry. Do what you can do to keep them in a dry and well-ventilated place. Always remember to check up on the desiccant within the package, every time as you take out the products from it. And never forget to seal the opening well after each use. Don’t let your lax attitude hinder your success. As the proverb goes, it is details that matter.


By leveraging the wisdom inherent in the information culled from this article, you will come off looking like the rock-star. You will save your business tons of money, while simultaneously ensuring best practices for your production line.