hot rolling aluminum circle

DC hot rolled alloy metal aluminum disc circle

Aluminum alloy hot rolling has low energy consumption, good plastic processing performance of hot-rolled metal, low deformation resistance, insignificant work hardening, and easy rolling, which greatly reduces the energy consumption required for metal deformation; hot rolling usually uses large casters and large casters. Reduction rolling, fast production pace, large output, which creates conditions for large-scale production; ordinary hot milk products have certain differences in performance due to instability of finishing rolling temperature control, and it is difficult to accurately control performance; modern hot continuous The precise control of rolling pass distribution, reduction and temperature <not more than ±8yi> greatly improves the performance stability of hot-rolled products; ordinary hot-rolled products are limited by detection and control methods, while the thickness and dimensions of hot-rolled products are accurately controlled It is also more difficult, because the thickness deviation of its products is relatively large; the modern hot rolling mill adopts a variety of 8000 controls and multi-level coordinated compensation control, the dimensional accuracy of hot rolled products is greatly improved, the thickness deviation is not more than ±0.7mm, and the crown deviation is not more than ±0.2mm.


  1. For signs, like regulatory traffic signs, warning traffic signs, guide signs, street signs, route marker signs, expressway signs, recreation and cultural interest signs, emergency management(civil defense)signs, temporary traffic control(construction or work zone) signs, shool signs, railroad and light rail signs, ricycle signs
  2. For cookware ,like :fry pans,pizza pans,works electricskillets,pressare cookers,rice cokers,stock pots,cookware bottom,stainless cookware,bottom plates,coated cookware,cookware cover.
  3. For spinning,like: lighting,ventilation,satellite,paint,sprayers,cenral vacuum units,filter cartridges,planters,waste recepticles,drip pans,cryogenic tankers,race car whels etc.
  4. For light,like:plain aluminium lamps shade,anodized aluminium lamp shade,coated aluminium lamp shade

Product quality

Be free from Oil Stain, Dent, Inclusion, Scratches, Stain, Oxide Dicoloration, Breaks, Corrosion, Roll Marks, Dirt Streaks and other defect which will interfere with use etc

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aluminum circle production line

Product process

  1. Prepare the master alloys
  2. Melting furnace :put the alloys into the melting furnance
  3. D.C.cast aluminum ingot:To made the mother ingot
  4. Mill the aluminum ingot:to make the surface and side smooth
  5. Heating furnnace
  6. Hot rolling mill:made the mother coil
  7. Colding rolling mill:the mother coil was rolled as the thickness you want to buy
  8. Punching process:become the size what you want
  9. Annealing furnace:change the temper
  10. Final inspection
  11. Packing:wooden case or wooden pallet
  12. Delivery

aluminum circle manufacturers


Aluminum circles can be packed in export standard, covering with brown paper and plastic film. Finally the Aluminium Round is fixed on wooden pallet/wooden case.

aluminum circle packagingaluminum circle packing