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Anodized aluminum disc circle

Anodized aluminum discs circles ( or called aluminum disks, aluminum wafer ) is formed round shape blanks by stamping or cutting of anodized alloy metal aluminum sheet plate.

The anodized aluminum discs has good anodizing effect, stable performance and high surface quality, and can be used to make high-end cookware. In the market, many people will find that anodized aluminum discs are more expensive than ordinary aluminum pans.

The anodized aluminum circle has good anodizing effect, stable performance and high surface quality, which can be used to make high-end cooking utensils. In the market, many people will find that anodized aluminum pans are more expensive than ordinary aluminum pans. Here we must mention the difference between anodized aluminum circle and ordinary aluminum circle.

Manufacturing process

The aluminum discs anodizing process also has a production process, that is, anodizing. After anodizing, the hardness and corrosion resistance of the aluminum circle alloy will increase. Because aluminum alloy has no surface treatment and is easily oxidized by external factors, after anodized surface treatment, it can improve corrosion resistance, enhance wear resistance and hardness, and protect metal surfaces. Aluminum film has strong microporous adsorption capacity and is colored After being made into a variety of beautiful colors, it is favored by users. The typical application of anodized aluminum discs is advanced colored cookware.

anodized aluminum circle


Anodized aluminum discs are widely used in electronics, cosmetics, medicine, education, auto parts, electrical appliances, insulation, machinery manufacturing, vehicles, aerospace, military, molds, construction, printing and other industries. Cooking utensils such as non-stick pans and pressure cookers, lampshades, water heater shells and other hardware are the largest consumer groups of aluminum alloy plates and coils.

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Anodized and painted aluminium circle for pressure cook

Anodized and painted aluminum ring pressure Huawei Aluminum is a major professional supplier of lamps and pressure cooker aluminum ring products in the lighting industry. Our lighting aluminum rings are mainly used to produce lampshades and lampshades. We produce high-quality anodized aluminum rings and painted aluminum rings, which are used to produce various lampshades, such as recessed lighting, high-interval industrial lighting, low-interval industrial lighting, traffic light reflectors, sports lighting, etc. Widely used in the manufacture of pressure cookers, non-stick cookware, coated cookware, cans, etc.

Aluminum circle alloy offers: 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 1200, 3003 and 5052 alloy
Aluminium circle Temper can be as follow: soft: O, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 and full hardness
Aluminium circle Thickness: 0.3 to 4mm
Aluminium circle Diameter: 100 to 980mm
Scrap rate: less than 3%
Surface Finish: Bright & smooth surface, without flow lines, slightly oiled to avoid White rusting
Smooth,Brightly ,No Zone of Fracture ,No Scratched ,No oil Sludge Thickness for Circles(mm) 0.71-4.00 +/- 0.1 mm Diameter (mm) 102-1250 +0.5,-0 Earing <5% for ‘O’ Temper – Earing <9% for H12, H14, H16, H18 –

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