Aluminum circle for cookware bottom

For some high-grade stainless steel pots, there are at least 3 layers at the bottom of the pot, two layers of steel, aluminum sitting in the middle, as a heat transfer material, we all know that aluminum has good thermal conductivity, but aluminum is not magnetic, but steel does, so , These cookware can be used in induction cooker.

The key is that the aluminum ring should not have oil, or the three-layered layer is not tight, the steel bottom (S403) will fall off in daily use over time. The aluminum ring does not need to be stretched, so DC or CC materials can be used.

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aluminum circle production line

Product process

  1. Prepare the master alloys
  2. Melting furnace :put the alloys into the melting furnance
  3. D.C.cast aluminum ingot:To made the mother ingot
  4. Mill the aluminum ingot:to make the surface and side smooth
  5. Heating furnnace
  6. Hot rolling mill:made the mother coil
  7. Colding rolling mill:the mother coil was rolled as the thickness you want to buy
  8. Punching process:become the size what you want
  9. Annealing furnace:change the temper
  10. Final inspection
  11. Packing:wooden case or wooden pallet
  12. Delivery

aluminum circle manufacturers


Aluminum circles can be packed in export standard, covering with brown paper and plastic film. Finally the Aluminium Round is fixed on wooden pallet/wooden case.

aluminum circle packagingaluminum circle packing